Professional Certification Programs

Program overview:

You work hard, learn new things every day, and want to achieve more. What is getting in your way? Extensive experience in a wide range of international corporations and institutions helps us identify what will make you more effective at work. Gaining more awareness, better communication, and smoother interaction with a wide range of people is KEY! Such “soft skills” are now seen as “power skills”, because of the magic that happens when you can communicate your progress, ideas, offers, questions, needs, suggestions, and decisions effectively with the rest of the team, customers, suppliers, partners, etc. Working and communicating in a clear, concise, convincing, accurate and respectful way that leaves others feeling heard, which means they are more motivated, collaborative and productive. Everyone wins!

List of courses:

  • Multicultural Communication skills :Our world is increasingly connected which brings about tremendous opportunities but also potential communication challenges and cultural clashes! Learn to communicate with purpose, respect, and empathy with anyone around the world.  Write effective business emails; Learn about culture and work-culture; Practice Active Listening and Public Speaking. Click here for more details.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Emotions and relationships are an important part of the workplace and greatly affect productivity:  when emotions are high, intelligence is low, and when emotions are low, intelligence is high. Learn core principles and techniques for recognizing and processing both your emotions and those of others to maintain a healthy, productive work environment. Click here for more details.
  • Small Group Facilitation: Working well together in small or large groups or networks, people with different skills and perspectives can develop shared understandings, agreed priorities, and action plans that are broadly supported. This highly interactive and tool-focused course provides a thorough understanding of the conditions and skills needed for ensuring “small group success” as part of an effective workplace. Click here for more details.
  • Conflict Management: Understand and learn to work with the main patterns and psychodynamics of interpersonal conflict in the workplace. Will focus on principles and specific techniques/tools for how to get out of the “Drama Triangle” and move into the “Circle of Resolution”. Course involves personal reflection, exercises, role-playing, and constructive group analysis. Click here for more details.

Program details:

Dates Feb. 27, 2023 to April. 12,  2023
Language English
Cost 2200 TND (All Courses)
Registration deadline Feb. 20 2023
Location MUST University Lac 3


Vince Verlaan With 25+ years’ experience in North America and internationally, Vince helps “purpose-based organizations” in a wide range of sectors and settings to be more visionary, strategic, collaborative, efficient, and impactful. Specialties including high-risk, high-conflict, and/or high-visibility topics and initiatives. Vince builds organizational and individual capacity for vision-setting, strategy, stakeholder engagement, leadership, facilitation, conflict resolution, and digital collaboration, both internally and externally. 


Shelley Mulon Qualified coach / trainer in personal and professional development.
After working ten years as a specialized nurse in hospitals in her native Scotland, then England and France, she turned to coaching as a way to apply what she had learned about stress management and intercultural relations to the business environment. This led her to undertaking extensive training in realms as diverse as Transactional Analysis and the French profiling tools ComColors©. She is a Distinguished Toastmaster, the pinnacle of public speaking and leadership skills. Today, Shelley is a conference speaker and author. She recently published her first book “Simplifying English for Non-Native Speakers”. Native and non-native speakers appreciate the tool kits for learning, teaching and public speaking.


Dr. N. S. Merchawi received her Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering in 1994, after receiving her Master of and Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Engineering, from Penn State University, USA. She has since held research and teaching positions at the University of Windsor, Canada and at Concordia University, Canada. Dr. Merchawi then joined the software development world in corporate America, as a Senior Software Engineer, Product Manager, Software Development Manager and Senior Software Development Manager. She contributed to the development of sophisticated software for 3D Modeling, Simulation and optimization of Manufacturing Systems, including Industrial Robotics, NC Machines, and various other sophisticated programmable manufacturing devices and processes, used by world-class manufacturing corporations such as the Boeing Airplane company and the Toyota and Honda motor companies.


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