Research Ethics Committee

  • MUST University has established a Research Ethics Committee (REC)to ensure that all research investigations involving human or animal participants follow the Ethical Guidelines adopted by the University.
  • The University is committed, through its Research Ethics Committee, to assisting the research community in identifying and addressing ethical issues that may face them while carrying out research investigations.
  • The Research Ethics Committee (REC) is the body mandated by the board of trustees to approve, maintain, and update the guidelines, in terms of policy and processes, in relation to ethical issues which may arise from research activities within the University.
  • The REC has approved a guideline document on “Code of Ethics” (Version 1.0, Publication Date: 12/03/2024) which lays the ethical values and principles that all members of the university community should uphold. This applies to all applicable research activities, whether funded or not, including student research projects at the graduate and undergraduate levels.
  • Research Ethics Committee Meetings:The Research Ethics Committee meets on a regular basis throughout the academic year, but research protocols requiring the ethical review of the Committee are normally dealt with by correspondence on a continuous basis.
  • Submissions to the Research Ethics Committee:Applications for consideration and approval by the Committee should be made to the (email) by completing the required documents:
  • It is the responsibility of the research project’s manager or principal investigator to determine what permissions and approvals are required to conduct the research they are proposing.
  • Students’ applications should be checked by their advisors, and then sent via e-mail by cc’ing the advisors.