Nearby Attractions


The historic city of Carthage is about a 10 minute drive from our campus.  Various historic sites remain from this ancient city, including the Roman Amphitheater and the Punic Ports. For more details about Carthage historic sites, please click here

Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said is quaint village on the hill overlooking the Mediterranean, and the Bou Kornine mountain.  This village is about a 10 minute-drive from our campus.  It offers cobble-stone pedestrian-only pathways through the shops, buildings, cafes and restaurants with unique architecture, design and art of the local area.

La Goulette

Walking distance from our campus, La Goulette is a popular summer resort town, with numerous restaurants and cafes overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

The Medina of Tunis

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Medina of Tunis was founded in 698 around the original core of the Zitouna Mosque and developed throughout the Middle Ages.  The main axis was between the mosque and the centre of government to the west in the Kasbah.  It remains today a fully functional city where residents live, shop and work away from the hustle and bustle of motorized vehicles.

La Marsa

The La Marsa / Gammarth areas are popular beach resort towns, offering beautiful views of the Byrsa Hill on one side and the Gammarth superior Hill on the other side.   The area is also abundant with upscale restaurants, hotels, and night clubs, and provides many recreational activities such as hiking in Gammarth forest, horseback riding, water sports ( sailing, standup paddle boarding, etc.. )

Les Berges et les Jardins du Lac

Les Berges et les Jardins du Lac are the modern lakefront business district of Tunis.  They provide many restaurants, cafes, opportunities for internships with corporations, and leisurely lakefront walks and bike rides.