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Multicultural Communication

Course overview

In today’s complex and global workplaces, communication is the key to successful project completion, contract negotiations, team collaboration. The words we use and the style we communicate in have a huge impact: they can lead to productive and constructive relationships, or lead to breakdown and dysfunction. Learn the techniques and mindset to say the right thing at the right time, in the right tone. Communicate with purpose, respect, and empathy. Write effective business emails, and take the stress out of speaking.

Course topics:

  • Multicultural Communication in the workplace.
  • What is culture? What is work culture?
  • Communication in and outside work.
  • Writing effective emails and letters.
  • Life Positions.
  • Presenting in English.
  • Attitudes to personal space.
  • Active Listening.
  • Connecting personality and culture.

Course details:


 Feb. 27, 2023 ⌚ 9:30 am→ 1:30 pm

Feb. 28, 2023 ⌚ 9:30 am→ 1:30 pm

 March 1, 2023 ⌚ 9:30 am→ 1:30 pm

Course length 3 days
Language English
Cost 650 TND
Registration deadline Feb. 20, 2023
Location MUST University Lac 3 



Shelley Mulon Qualified coach / trainer in personal and professional development.
After working ten years as a specialized nurse in hospitals in her native Scotland, then England and France, she turned to coaching as a way to apply what she had learned about stress management and intercultural relations to the business environment. This led her to undertaking extensive training in realms as diverse as Transactional Analysis and the French profiling tools ComColors©. She is a Distinguished Toastmaster, the pinnacle of public speaking and leadership skills. Today, Shelley is a conference speaker and author. She recently published her first book “Simplifying English for Non-Native Speakers”. Native and non-native speakers appreciate the tool kits for learning, teaching, and public speaking. 


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