Master Programs

MUST prepares its students to lead the digital transformation that the country and region must undertake. Towards this end, MUST equips students not only with the technical knowledge and skills required for the mission but also with a broad understanding of the dimensions of this transformation and how best to manage the opportunities and risks associated with it. The Computer Science and Engineering Department, and in addition to offering undergraduate Licence programs, also offers the opportunity for advanced specialized studies in the context of  Master programs. Students enrolled in the Master program in Data Science receive solid training from distinguished faculty in the field. They also get a chance to work on applied research projects in collaboration with MUST’s extensive network of international research labs led by academics from the region’s scientific diaspora. They also work with companies and NGOs in the region in the context of service learning initiatives, therey receiving training that is solid in both breadth and depth, preparing them to adopt a winning changmaker mindset. Find out more about the Master in Data Science program.