Computer Lab :
Our computer lab contains computer stations with high end intel processors (i7 10th generation ), 16 GB Memory and over 1 TB of disk space. They are equipped with the latest productivity software and required class materials and projects.  It is available to use for our students anytime they need to complete homework, projects, or catch up with the latest lecture video materials.
Physics Lab :
Our Physics Lab contains the latest equipment needed to conduct experiments in fundamentals of university-level Physics classes.  This includes conducting experiments in principles of Electricity, Magnetism and Optics.
Electronics and Robotics Lab :

Our Electronics and Robotics Lab is equipped with National Instruments Elvis III Educational Platform,  TI Analog Microelectronics board, National Instruments myRio 1900 Embedded Platform combined with PITSCO Robotics kit, enabling students to apply engineering concepts to real controls and robotics systems.  Combined with a site license of the LabView software, this lab enables hundreds of Electronics, Analog and Digital Design, Embedded Systems, and Robotics experiments.

IoT and Fab Lab :
Our IoT and Fab Labs include Raspberry PI4 4GB  devices, a 3D Printer, and various additional tools and materials to allow to experiments with various IoT and fabrication concepts.
Augmented Reality Lab :
Our Augmented reality lab contains high-end workstations and VR devices, enabling students to test, develop, and prototype solutions based on AR technology for a variety of applications.