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Conflict Management

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Course Overview:

Difficult people at work affecting your productivity?
Carrying stress into your home and life? Conflict can arise anywhere that people work together. If not understood and addressed, it can cause havoc in your professional career, spill over to your personal life, and create unneeded misery. This course will help you see, understand, and manage the main patterns and psychodynamics of interpersonal conflict in the workplace. It provides both guiding principles and specific techniques and tools for how to get off the “Drama Triangle” and move both yourself and others into the “Circle of Resolution”. Course activities to build skills include role-playing, reflection, exercises, and group discussion.

Course topics:

  • Theory of interpersonal conflict.
  • Personal awareness and self-regulation.
  • Bait and Hook model, Escalation ladder.
  • The Joy of Conflict Resolution – Triangle and Circle.
  • Scenarios – colleague, boss, client, employee, other.

Course details:


 April 10,  2023 ⌚ 9:30 am→ 3:30 pm

April 11,  2023 ⌚ 9:30 am→ 3:30 pm

April 12,  2023 ⌚ 9:30 am→ 3:30 pm

Course length 3 days
Language English
Cost 650 TND
Registration deadline April 3, 2023
Location MUST University Lac 3



Vince Verlaan With 25+ years’ experience in North America and internationally, Vince helps “purpose-based organizations” in a wide range of sectors and settings to be more visionary, strategic, collaborative, efficient, and impactful. Specialties including high-risk, high-conflict, and/or high-visibility topics and initiatives. Vince builds organizational and individual capacity for vision-setting, strategy, stakeholder engagement, leadership, facilitation, conflict resolution, and digital collaboration, both internally and externally. 


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