Founding Principles

MUST is conceived from the outset to contribute to the region’s sustainable development and to the enhancement of its  human capital. Anchored in the region’s traditions, home to the oldest university in the world, it is open on the continent, the mediterranean, and the world. The University seeks to act as a catalyst to the reform of the region’s higher education systems both in terms of new modes of financing and governance as well innovative teaching pedagogies.  The venture is  led by the region’s scientific diaspora, and seeks to reverse brain drain by continually expanding the diaspora networks contributing to its teaching, research, and community service activities. MUST proposes to answer the quality challenge facing the Higher Education sector by:
  • Leveraging educational technologies and innovative student-centered and active-learning methods to offer an unmatched educational experience to its students.
  • Making the academic and scientific diaspora a critical component of the academic project, tapping into a wealth of experienced junior and senior faculty.
  • Relying on multi-disciplinary education, service learning, and applied research to cultivate the values of social and environmental responsibility, critical thinking, effective communication, and leadership.
  • Offering an alternative sustainable and socially responsible model of higher education funding in the spirit of the social and solidarity economy.

Rethinking higher education models for the twenty first century

Reversing brain drain by mobilizing the region's scientific diaspora

Embracing the Social and environmental responsibility in teaching and research

Diversifying higher education models of financing & governance