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Small Group Facilitation and Collaboration

Course overview:

You work well alone, but now you have to work in a group! You now lead a small or large group and need to get everyone focused and collaborating on the same goal! Working well together in small or large groups or networks, people with different skills and perspectives can develop shared understandings, agreed priorities, and action plans that are broadly supported. This highly interactive and tool-focused course provides a thorough understanding of the conditions and skills needed for ensuring “small group success” as part of an effective workplace.

Course topics:

  • Facilitator as servant-leader.
  • Values identification, Visioning, and Goal-setting.
  • Culture and Collaboration fundamentals.
  • Framing and Invitation best practices.
  • Formats and “tricks of the trade” for small-group success.

Course details:


March. 27, 2023 ⌚ 9:30 am→ 3:30 pm

March. 28, 2023 ⌚ 9:30 am→ 3:30 pm

March. 29, 2023 ⌚ 9:30 am→ 3:30 pm

Course length 3 days
Language English
Cost 650 TND
Registration deadline March. 20, 2023
Location  MUST University Lac 3


Vince Verlaan With 25+ years’ experience in North America and internationally, Vince helps “purpose-based organizations” in a wide range of sectors and settings to be more visionary, strategic, collaborative, efficient, and impactful. Specialties including high-risk, high-conflict, and/or high-visibility topics and initiatives. Vince builds organizational and individual capacity for vision-setting, strategy, stakeholder engagement, leadership, facilitation, conflict resolution, and digital collaboration, both internally and externally. 


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