Research Areas

Emerging technologies such as IoT and sensor networks, robotics & UAVs, Blockchain, FinTech, e-health, and additive manufacturing are crucial to the continent’s sustainable development as they promise to transform sectors like agriculture, health, public governance, finance, and education in a fundamental way.

Our continent has a demographic opportunity, given its predominantly young population and the expectation that Africa will grow by another half a billion in the next fifteen years. This presents higher education and research institutions in the continent with the daunting challenge of adequately training the continent’s young population to harness emerging technologies for the continent’s emergence and sustainable development. MUST is committed to applied research that contributes to the sustainable development of the region, the continent, and beyond.

Our research activities are often conducted in collaboration with renowned internatioal research labs, especially those led by distinguished faculty from our scientific and academic diaspora. By offshoring some of the research activities within their labs to MUST, we can train young researchers, ensure positive spill-over effects to the local technological startup scene and help them gain access to qualified researchers without the complications and delays of migration procedures.

Our research activities can be grouped into six major themes:

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Artificial Intelligence

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Cybersecurity & BlockChain

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Cloud & Edge Computing

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Smart Agriculture

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Smart environment & climate change management

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Digital Humanities

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Educational Sciences & Technologies

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Augmented Reality & Simulation