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Cooperation Agreement  Signed between MUST University and React

 April 04, 2023

Le Kram, Tunisia — MUST University and the association “Recherche en Action”(React) signed a Memorandum of understanding to develop joint collaborations in service learning, science education, technology transfer, and the promotion of social and environmental responsibility.

MUST University and React share a commitment to enhance the social responsibility of both institutions, and share a common belief that the responsible education and research could increase the uptake of research results and their social impact. 

MUST and React in particular agree to encourage the development of the following activities as part of a collaborative program aligned with their respective missions:

    • Creation of a consortium with other Social and Economic Institutions (NGOs, Higher Education and Research Institutions etc.) to further shared goals.
    • Organization of joint participatory action research programs.
    • Identification of and participation in funding opportunities to ensure the implementation of joint programs.
    • Mentoring and joint supervision of students and projects (final year undergraduate and graduated projects/service learning projects)
    • Exchange of academic information and materials
    • Organization of joint courses, training activities, and conferences
    • Organization of other activities of interest to React and MUST

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