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Program overview:

MUST University had developed a Full Stack Developer certification program to go along with the IBM Full Stack Software Developer professional certification program offered on Coursera.  In this program, you can gain expertise in all aspects of developing a cloud/web and mobile application.  You will gain knowledge and understanding of the architecture of the application, and insights into each of its layers.  You develop programming skills at the database level, the back-end level as well as the user-facing front end.  Gaining a thorough knowledge of the full spectrum of the application allows you to later dig deeper into any of its components, as well as work efficiently in an agile team at any international or local software development company.  Upon completion of the MUST program, you can optionally continue your training on Coursera to complete the IBM Full Stack Software Developer Professional Certificate.

Through a hybrid learning approach mixing access to quality online content from world-leading universities (Coursera) and on-campus practical live discussions, group projects, real case studies, and hands-on labs, at the completion of this course, you will be ready to land a Full Stack Developer job or to markedly improve your productivity in your current developer roles.

Program details:


Second edition. Sarts:TBA.

6-month program. 4 hours of study a week ( 2 independent online, 2 live sessions )

TimesTo be scheduled with the students
LanguageFrench and English
Delivery model

Access to quality online content from MUST & Coursera.

Practical labs offering hands-on sessions with a MUST Professor

Continue independent FREE access to Coursera for up to 3 months and earn the IBM Full Stack Software Developer Professional Certificate

Registration deadlineTBA.
LocationOnline and/or at MUST
University, Lac3, Tunis

2800 TND

Program topics:

  1. Introduction to web applications and Cloud Computing

In this introduction, you understand the definition and essential characteristics of cloud computing, its history, the business case for it, and emerging technology use cases enabled by the cloud. We introduce you to some of the prominent service providers of our times (e.g., AWS, Google, IBM, Microsoft, etc.) and the services they offer, and look at some case studies of cloud computing across industry applications.

  1. Introduction to Web Development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap

This course will help you discover the languages, frameworks, and tools that you will need to create interactive and engaging websites right from the beginning.

You will begin by learning about the roles of front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers and how they work together on development projects. Through this, you will also become familiar with the terminology and skills needed in your career as a web developer.

  1. Getting Started with Git and GitHub

In this course, you’ll be introduced to collaborative version control and popular Git platforms.  You will learn to use GitHub to work effectively as a team, and perform common Git operations, such as Pull Requests, from both the Web UI and command line.   The course wraps up with a final project where you will start building your portfolio by creating and sharing a public/open-source GitHub project.

  1. Backend development with Python and Node.js

In this course, you will focus on Node.js and Express, as well as cover the basics of Python. Specifically, you will

– develop applications using asynchronous callbacks and promises

– create REST APIs and perform CRUD operations

– implement authentication and session management

Throughout the course, you will complete numerous hands-on labs to gain practical experience. At the end of the course, you will demonstrate your Node skills with a final project to build your portfolio.

This course will help you succeed as a back-end or full-stack developer. It suits those in IT looking to step up in their careers or new graduates seeking to establish their server-side skills. This course suits those who need to manage cloud-centric projects.

Note: This course requires knowledge of JavaScript and Git.

  1. Developing Applications with SQL, Databases

The essentials of application development are accessing, processing, and presenting data. Data is stored in various databases, and developers will need to learn how to talk to them via programming languages.

In this course, you will be introduced to some fundamental database concepts. You will learn the basics of SQL, a simple and powerful programming language for querying and managing data. And you will learn about cloud database fundamentals and get hands-on cloud database experiences.

You will gain full-stack Django skills by creating a Django web app to persist, process, and present data. And you will learn about cloud app platform fundamentals and get hands-on experience deploying your Django web app on the cloud.  Prerequisites: GitHub, HTML & CSS, Python

  1. Introduction to Containers w/ Docker, Kubernetes

In this course designed for beginners, learn about current containerization tools and technologies such as containers, Docker, container registries, Kubernetes, and OpenShift. Also learn how to deploy and scale your applications in any public, private, or hybrid cloud.  You will apply what you learn in hands-on, browser-based labs.

Coursera Instructor(s):

Our Instructor(s):

Mrs. Nesrine is a PhD candidate in her final year at SUP COM, a top engineering school in Tunis, Tunisia. Her research expertise includes physical layer security, Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access, and Cooperative Communication.
Nesrine’s teaching experience includes being a teaching assistant at the Higher Institute of Arts and Multimedia, Manouba and has created her own online Bootstrap course.
She holds a Master’s in Information Science at the Higher Institute of Computer Science and Multimedia, Gabes, Tunisia, a Professional Master’s in Information Security at the National Institute of Computer Science Manouba, Tunisia (obtained with honors), and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Management at the Higher Institute of Management, Tunisia.


Mr. Robert Deuel  has over 25 years of experience in software development in various start-ups in Silicon Valley and was one of the early employees of VMWare. He holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree from the Pennsylvania State University, United Sates.  He is listed as inventor of 4 patents in information technology and software development. 


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