Professional Certification Programs

Program overview:

Embark on an immersive journey into game development with our comprehensive 12-week program designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to create amazing games in Unreal Engine. With a blend of online self-paced learning and practical internship experiences, this program offers a unique opportunity to learn from industry professionals and gain hands-on experience in game development.

Program details:


First edition, 12-week program.

Starts May 11. 

Times6 hours of study per week (3 self-paced online, 3 instructor-led)
LanguageFrench and English
Delivery model

Access to quality online content from MUST & Coursera.

Practical labs offering hands-on sessions with MUST Faculty

Registration deadlineApril 27
LocationOnline and/or at MUST
University, Lac3, Tunis

2800 TND

Program topics:

Part I (At MUST University): Foundations of Object-Oriented Programming

Weeks 1-4: Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals in C++ (40 Hours)

  • C++ Basics: Selection and Iteration
  • C++ Basic Structures: Vectors, Pointers, Strings, and Files
  • C++ Object Basics: Functions, Recursion, and Objects
  • Object-Oriented C++: Inheritance and Encapsulation

Part II (At Academy Interactive): Immersive Practical Internship

Weeks 5 to 6: (16 hours)

  • Welcome to Game Development in Unreal Engine (16 hours)

Weeks 7 to 8: (30 hours)

  • Introduction to AI with Blueprints
  • Workshop A: Your first game with Unreal engine (part 1)
  • Your First Hour with UMG
  • Creating a Scatter Tool with Blueprints
  • Converting Blueprint to C++
  • Workshop B: Your first game with Unreal engine (part 2)
  • Game studio visit

Weeks 9 to 10: (26 hours)

  • Introductory seminar
  • Exploring Level Design
  • Blueprint Runtime Saving and Loading
  • Optimizing Projects for Real Time
  • Workshop C: Your first game with Unreal engine (part 3)

Certification project (Starting from week 6)

  • Mentored certification project at game development studio.

Our instructors :

Aziz Souiai, a dedicated software engineer from the Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology of Sousse, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to MUST University as an instructor for C++. With a strong background in software engineering and a passion for teaching, Aziz has previously served as a teaching assistant in various data science and artificial intelligence programs, demonstrating his commitment to fostering a dynamic learning environment. His hands-on approach to instruction ensures that students receive comprehensive guidance in mastering C++ programming concepts.

Oussama Ben Mariem is the CTO and co-founder of Lanterns, an independent video game studio focused on narrative video games, XR and Mocap services. He is also a Co-Founder of Academy Interactive, a training institute dedicated to video games tuition for both professionals and enthusiasts. During his career, Oussama explored the field of computer engineering as a VR developer before starting  his own video game development company.


Coursera Instructors:


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