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Cooperation Agreement Signed between MUST University and EMWorks

 June 14, 2022

Le Kram, Tunisia — MUST University, founded in 2022 in Le Kram, Tunisia, as a leader in quality engineering education using the most innovative pedagogies, has signed a cooperation agreement with EMWorks Tunisia ( ).

EMWorks Tunisia is a Gold Partner of the Canadian company EMWorks Inc.

It was created in 2011. Today, it is positioned as an authorized reseller of CAD, CAM and simulation solutions dedicated to industry and education, an authorized reseller of SOLIDWORKS CAD, Simulation and PDM solutions, the first and only reseller of CAMWorks in Tunisia. EMWorks aligns itself with progress in the field of CAM to offe the first solution based on automatic shape recognition, fully integrated into SOLIDWORKS.

It is also an exclusive reseller of EMS and HFWorks electromagnetic simulation solutions, fully integrated into SOLIDWORKS EMWorks Tunisia is very active in the educational field in Tunisia, through sales and training services dedicated to teachers and students. Today, EMWorks Tunisie offers you a wide range of products and services in the fields of CAD, Simulation and CAM.

The purpose of this agreement is to formalize the will of the parties to establish a partnership with a view to a long-term relationship, making it possible to develop reciprocal advantages by collaborating in educational and training activities, and offering joint events.
Under this agreement, MUST makes the following commitments:

Recruitment component:

― Guarantees the dissemination of internship or work-study offers.
― Guarantees the dissemination of job offers.
― Informs students of company events related to recruitment and professional integration.
― Informs the company of work-study forums and internships organized by the components.
― Encourages the company to participate in evaluation committees (thesis, project, capstone, …)

Training component:

― Welcomes company employees, duly selected, within the framework of training agreements for apprenticeship or continuing education according to the rates voted by the Board of Directors.
― Undertakes to study any request to create ad hoc training in continuing education for the company.
― Requests the company to authorize its employees to participate, if necessary, under the status of temporary lecturer or occasional public service employee on a voluntary basis, in educational interventions in the field of skills related to its professions; these interventions may take different forms depending on the needs of both parties: ongoing intervention, creation of cases, testimonials.

Communication and events component:

― Guarantees the promotion among students of careers related to the professional sector of the company.

Research component:

― Sends the company information concerning research publications relevant to its activity.
― Proposes thesis topics of interest to the company.
― Invites company members to research seminars.
― Informs the company of the scientific equipment available for subcontracting operations, experiments

For its part, the company designates as privileged interlocutor the person in charge of recruitment with the mission of coordinating the various partnership actions covered by this agreement.
It undertakes the following points:

Recruitment component:

― Participates in student selection juries in selective courses when the training regulations provide for it.
― Participate in mock interview workshops at the request of the MUST Career Centre.
― Communicate job offers, internships, apprenticeship or professionalization contracts.
― Participate in some of the job forums organized by MUST.
― Gives the greatest attention to applications from students and graduates coming from MUST.

Training component:

― Mandates one or more contributors to participate, under the status of temporary lecturer or occasional collaborator of the public service on a voluntary basis, in educational actions to the extent of the availability of its executives and managers (intervention in teaching , case creation, testimonials)
― Offers its employees or any person approaching to join the company, continuing professional training actions in the IT sector (Bachelor’s, Master’s, engineering diploma)
― Welcomes students on internships, offers the possibility to its employees or to any person it has chosen, to access one of the MUST training courses through continuing education.
― Participates in MUST events to the extent of the availability of its managers and directors: forums, conferences, debates, on specific or cross-cutting themes.
― Organizes company visits to make students aware of computer science courses during which round tables, conferences, etc. are offered.
Research component:
― Consult MUST for the development of collaborative research programs, or subcontracting missions.
― Cooperates with MUST laboratories in technical matters (advice and assistance for the acquisition of equipment, endowments of professional documents, technical books)

International mobility component:

― Promotes the mobility of students on internships by welcoming them to its subsidiaries.

This agreement is concluded for a period of 3 (three) years from the date of its signature by both parties.
It is renewable by express amendment signed by the parties.

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