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MUST University and Cytekia sign strategic partnership

 May 18, 2022

Le Kram, Tunisia —MUST University & Cytekia concluded a strategic partnership with the goal of fostering future talent, creative solutions, and collaborative ventures in the field of cybersecurity technology and applications. 

Globally and particularly in the MEA region, companies, governments, and societies are becoming more and more reliant on digital technology, necessitating a major investment in H/W solutions and human resources. MUST University and Cytekia will join their efforts to give students in-depth skills in various aspects of cybersecurity and raise the awareness of individuals, business and industry managers, organisations and decision makers. 

Cytekia is a regional leader in cybersecurity, operating especially in the areas of risk management, zero trust solutions, and homomorphic encryption. 

MUST University offers degree-granting and professional certification programs in the digital field, particularly in artificial intelligence, data science, cybersecurity, and software engineering. MUST is a pioneer in higher education and applied research for sustainable development and in quality engineering education along the North American model and employing cutting-edge pedagogies such as active and service learning.

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