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Course Description


Design Thinking is a very effective methodology and mindset that results in innovative and effective solutions to humans’ problems or issues.  It is an interactive process that starts with understanding “the other person” and building empathy, then goes into idea generation, prototyping and testing, then back to the first step, which includes observing and interviewing the party, we want to provide a solution for. This process is repeated until acceptable solutions that meet the need are found and successfully implemented.

 This course teaches the main steps of Design Thinking, the value of each step, and how to successfully implement it using real-life examples. 

Course is supported by accompanying Coursera Courses.

Course topics:

  • Observation, Interviewing and gaining empathy
  • Idea generation
  • Quick prototyping
  • Receiving Feedback
  • Reiterating and solution refining

Course details:

Dates TBD
Course length 3 days; 6 hours per day in-person
Language English
Cost TBD
Registration deadline TBD
Location MUST University Lac 3