Professional Certification Programs

Program overview:

The MUST Workplace Effectiveness Program is a collection of courses aimed at developing effective teams where members think critically, creatively, and constructively. It starts with the fundamentals of written communication, then covers data-driven decision making, and finally, develops a Design Thinking mindset to create effective, human-centered solutions to any problem. With this certificate, students understand the customer need and perspective, generate solutions without inhibition, refrain from judging other members’ ideas, and are comfortable with “try/implement/deploy/feedback / revise” cycle as an effective and powerful way to achieve long-lasting successful solutions.

Students who successfully complete this MUST certification program shall be able to: 
– Create compelling writing to inform or persuade others
– Are able to use the right tools to analyze data and make sound decisions based on data
– Work effectively in small and large teams
– Can interview a customer to gain their perspective
– Can participate in and/or conduct brainstorming sessions to generate solutions
– Can interview a customer to gain feedback on a proposed / implemented prototype solution
– Can generate revisions or totally new solutions in response to feedback.

List of courses:

  • Persuasive writing:  Written communication remains the most powerful and effective way to share information and proposed ideas and projects. It is the source of all new creations. If clear, logical, and convincing, it would lead to great accomplishments. If obscure and fragmented, it ends up as dust. Learn the basics of writing effectively, creatively, critically, and convincingly. Course supported by accompanying Coursera course. Click here for more details.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: An important part of professional life is making decisions. Decisions can have a large impact and can “make or break” a project or an organization. A large amount of data typically exists to help make decisions, but this requires expertise in the tools and techniques of data analysis, as well as awareness of the common risks and pitfalls of data interpretation, and the means and tools available to avoid them.
    This course is in-person and is supported by accompanying Coursera courses. Click here for more details.
  • Design Thinking: Theory & Practice : “Design Thinking is a mindset towards problem solving, with human empathy at its core, and with a bias towards making, with a high tolerance for risk taking” – Turi McKinley. The process calls to be user-focused, developing an understanding of a user’s pain points, desires, and aspirations. Once that is understood, an idea generation process proceeds involving a multitude of viewpoints, where all ideas are considered viable and none is immediately shut down. Prototyping, testing, and refining complete the process.
    In this training, students are introduced to the concepts of this powerful practice and are guided to work through a real-life example application to effectively use these concepts.
    This course is in-person and is supported by accompanying Coursera courses. Click here for more details.

Program details:

Dates TBD
Language French & English
Cost 2200 TND
Registration deadline TBD
Location MUST University Lac 3


  • TBD


Dr. N. S. Merchawi received her Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering in 1994, after receiving her Master of and Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Engineering, from Penn State University, USA. She has since held research and teaching positions at the University of Windsor, Canada and at Concordia University, Canada. Dr. Merchawi then joined the software development world in corporate America, as a Senior Software Engineer, Product Manager, Software Development Manager and Senior Software Development Manager. She contributed to the development of sophisticated software for 3D Modeling, Simulation and optimization of Manufacturing Systems, including Industrial Robotics, NC Machines, and various other sophisticated programmable manufacturing devices and processes, used by world-class manufacturing corporations such as the Boeing Airplane company and the Toyota and Honda motor companies.


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