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Join our full-time staff!

MUST is constantly on the lookout for ambitious, talented, and professional members of staff to help us grow this ambitious project. We promote diversity, equity, a healthy work-life balance, and provide a friendly and motivating work environment where compensation is performance-based. Currently, MUST is actively recruiting for the following positions:
  • Marketing & Communications manager.
  • E-learning architect / Full-stack developer.
  • Graphics designer.
  • Executive assistant.

Join our leadership and faculty teams!

Call for participation to the Tunisian  academic community & scientific diaspora

MUST is conceived from the outset to contribute to the region’s sustainable development and to the enhancement of its human capital. Anchored in the region’s traditions, home to the oldest university in the world, it is open on the continent, the Mediterranean, and the world.  The University seeks to act as a catalyst to the reform of the region’s higher education systems both in terms of new modes of financing and governance as well innovative teaching pedagogies.  The venture is  led by the region’s scientific diaspora, and seeks to reverse brain drain by continually expanding the diaspora networks contributing to its teaching, research, and community service activities. An important pillar on which MUST is founded is the strategic contribution of our distinguished academic and scientific diaspora.  Not only are most founders and likely future investors from the diaspora, but also notable contributors to teaching, research, and governance activities. We rely on the diversity and wealth of experience and talent available in our expatriate community in Europe, North America, Asia, and beyond. The project is conceived from the outset to be a collective project. We are therefore continually seeking to attract distinguished academics and researchers to join our team ! You can join MUST and contribute :
  • As an investor.
  • As a member of faculty, either full-time, part-time,  adjunct, or visiting.
  • As a contributing author of an online course in your specialization, available through our online academy.
  • As a contributor or partner in our research activities.
  • As a participant in our academic, outreach, and advisory committees.
This call is open to the Tunisian academic community, especially those interested in contributing to rethinking higher education in the context of the present century.  Members of our academic and scientific diaspora around the world are especially encouraged to join us. Please send us your CV or a statement expressing your interests via email, and we will arrange for a face-to-face or online meeting to discuss how you can join the exciting MUST project and strengthen our diverse team!

How to get in touch

For further information on how to get in touch with us, please follow this link.