Yassine Bouteraa

yassine.bouteraa @musteducation.tn

00216 71 180 108

Office: 118



Dr. Yassine Bouteraa (Ph.D., Eng.) received the National Engineering Degree in Electrical Engineering and the Master of Science Degree in Control and Computer Science from the National School of Engineers of Sfax. He received a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Orleans (France) in February 2012. He obtained the accreditation to supervise research in 2017 from the University of Sfax. Since 2018, he has been an associate professor at the University of Sfax and the University of Sattam bin Abdulaziz, Saudi Arabia. He is co-author of 5 patents published by INNORPI. He is the author/co-author of more than 50 scientific papers published in high-ranking journals. His interest concerns Robotics; Assistive & Healthcare technology; Artificial Intelligence; and Internet of Things.


Dr. Yassine has published more than 95 scientific papers (journals, book chapters, conferences). Participated in many group research projects. Supervised many master’s and doctoral projects. His research interests include robotics and control, healthcare technology, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence.


Dr. Yassine is currently teaching the following courses,

1. Robotics and Automation

2. Advanced Embedded Systems

However, during his teaching experience, he offered many courses in the field of control and computer engineering, such as:

1. Robotics
2. Computer-based control systems
3. Embedded System
4. Computer Architecture
5. Advanced Embedded Systems
6. Control Systems
7. Logic design
8. High Performance Computing
9. Research ethics and methodology
10. Real time Systems
11. Microcontrollers and PLC
12. E-Health
13. Data transmission
14. LabView programming

Selected Publications

Bouteraa, Y. (2023). Smart real time wearable navigation support system for BVIP. Alexandria Engineering Journal, 62, 223-235. JCR: Q1; IF: 6.62. Wang, J., Alattas, K.A., Bouteraa, Y., Mofid, O. and Mobayen, S., (2023). Adaptive finite-time backstepping control tracker for quadrotor UAV with model uncertainty and external disturbance. Aerospace Science and Technology, 133, 108088. JCR: Q1; IF: 5.45. Bouteraa, Y., Alattas, K.A., Alshammari, O., Aoun, S.B., Regaieg, M.A. and Mobayen, S., 2022. Design of Interval Fuzzy Type-2 Sliding Mode Tracking Controller for Robotic Manipulators. Mathematics, 10(24), p.4835. JCR: Q1; IF: 2.59. Taghieh, A., Zhang, C., Alattas, K.A., Bouteraa, Y., Rathinasamy, S. and Mohammadzadeh, A., 2022. A predictive type-3 fuzzy control for underactuated surface vehicles. Ocean Engineering, 266, p.113014. JCR:Q1; IF: 4.37. Vu, M. T., Alattas, K. A., Bouteraa, Y., Rahmani, R., Fekih, A., Mobayen, S., Assawinchaichote, W. (2022). Optimized Fuzzy Enhanced Robust Control Design for a Stewart Parallel Robot. Mathematics, 10(11), 1917. JCR: Q1; IF: 2.59. JCR: Q1; IF: 2.59. Aliyari, M., Wong, W. K., Bouteraa, Y.., Najafinia, S., Fekih, A., Mobayen, S. (2022). Design and implementation of a constrained model predictive control approach for unmanned aerial vehicles. IEEE Access. JCR: Q2; IF: 3.47. Bouteraa Y., Abdallah, I.B. and Ibrahim, A., 2021. Smart solution for pain detection in remote rehabilitation, Alexandria Engineering Journal, 60(4), pp.3485-3500. JCR: Q1; IF: 6.62.