Soura Boulaares

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Office: 202



Soura Boulaares a doctoral researcher in computer science, currently pursuing her Ph.D. at the University of Computer Science Tunisia (ENSI) and University Claude Bernard Lyon1 (UCBL). She holds a Master’s degree in computer science from FSJEGJ Tunisia, earned with first-place honor, during which she conducted research at the LIRIS Lab UCBL1 in France.

Throughout her academic journey, Soura has been actively engaged in various research labs, including LTSIRS Lab Insat in Tunisia, OpenCems Lab in Pau et pays de l’Adour, France, LTSIRIS Lab in Lyon, France, and DocSys Lab in FSJEGJ, Tunisia. Her research interests primarily revolve around Web technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Web of Things (WoT) service composition. Her contributions to these fields have been recognized through her publications in international conferences and journals.

Aside from her research endeavors, Soura has accumulated over 5 years of teaching experience, further showcasing her commitment to academia. She has also played a significant role in projects like the PAQ DJSU FSJEGJ, contributing to educational advancements within this initiative. Additionally, Soura has actively participated in organizing and evaluating international and national conferences, demonstrating her leadership skills and dedication to fostering academic discourse.


Service composition : Web, IoT, WoT. Uncertainty , Variability , and  Configuration


IoT (Internet of Things), Algorithm and structured programming in C, Recommender systems, Agile project management, Distributed systems, Data visualization.


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