Mohamed Hamdi

00216 71 180 108

Office: 117



Dr. Mohamed Hamdi (PhD, habilitation) is the founding director of Elgazala Innovation Center where he leads the supervision of innovative startup projects. He co-authored more than 150 scientific publications published in international journals and conferences. He was the chair of the ‘Cloud security’ industry forum in the IEEE ICC’12 conference (Ottawa, Canada). He has also chaired and co-chaired international conferences and special issues in international conferences including the ‘Trust, Security, and Privacy’ symposium in the IEEE IWCMC 2012 conference and for the special issue on ‘Web Services in Multimedia Communication’ for the journal on Advances in Multimedia. He presented multiple tutorials and invited speeches in international conferences such as the GEOSS Forum (Globecom 2011). In addition, Dr. Hamdi has been invited at the ITU World Telecom conference to serve as a panellist in a forum on the security of social networks. He also passed prestigious professional certifications including the CISSP and the CISCO Security certifications. He is conducting research activities in the areas of cloud security and assurance, Internet of things, and security incident handling. Between 2001 and 2005, he worked for the National Digital Certification Agency (Tunisia) where he was the leader of the security risk management team.