Gary Williams

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From Michigan, United States  to Tunisia, from the education system to the non-profit sector, Gary continually works to influence others to live with purpose. Being fueled by his fascination of individuals’ uniqueness, everything he does is to inspire others to stop and think so that they can imagine ( a necessary step to realizing ) a better future for our world. In between runs along the Detroit Riverwalk, Gary likes to spend time with his pup, Chip, named after the Central Michigan University Chippewas where he formally studied psychology, communication, leadership, and education. Gary wears many hats—he has served in a leadership development non-profit, supported teachers as an instructional coach, and developed curriculum for personal development organizations. Now, Gary coaches others to find an authentic way to share their story with the world to create an impact on the lives of others.


.Personal Development, Leadership Development, Coaching


Leadership Development, Design Thinking


Gary Williams is the Bestselling author of the book

Williams, G. ( 2019 ). Choose Your Best Life: How to Use Your Personality Type to Conquer Self-Doubt in Times of Change, Transition, and Important Life Decisions.  Better Future Publishing.