Overview of the Program

Language       English

Duration        2 Years

Level          Undergraduate

Approach      Hybrid

The Pre-engineering program is a two-year foundational program in science, engineering, and communication skills. The common core program is shared among all engineering students. It provides a solid foundation in mathematical sciences, physics, chemistry, and the fundamental principles of electrical engineering and computer science. It also includes solid training in English, effective communication, and presentation skills, as well as humanities and social sciences. A technical seminar is used to introduce students to seminal innovations and inspiring success stories by leaders in the fields, thereby broadening their horizons and helping them choose the specialization that best suits their aspirations by the end of the two-year program.

Admission requirements

Students must have a strong academic record, demonstrate potential to excel in demanding engineering programs, have sufficient command of the English language, and be holders of a Tunisian Bac or equivalent of the following type: 

  • Bac Maths
  • Bac “Sciences expérimentales”
  • Bac Informatique
  • Bac Technique

Program objectives

The first year is the two-year foundational program is the same for all pre-engineering students. The second year introduces some specialization-oriented courses, so as to prepare students for their eventual enrollment in a particular engineering specialization, by focusing 30% of the courses to the future specialization. Students at the end of the first year choose which engineering program they are planning to follow. This is not a final decision, given that formal admissions occur at the end of the second year subsequent to satisfactory academic performance in the first two years of pre-engineering

The specific objective of the pre-engineering program is to provide students with a solid foundation in:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics and Chemistry
  • Computer Programming
  • Language and communication Skills
  • Breadth / General education courses

Advanced studies

Graduates who successfully complete the foundational pre-engineering program can join one of the Engineering programs at MUST, currently software engineering or computer systems engineering. The University is planning to extend its engineering portfolio with program in smart systems engineering and electrical/energy engineering.

Joining one of the engineering programs requires good academic performance. Students should have a cumulative GPA higher than 2.4/4.0 (12/20) over the two year program.

Program course description

Semester 1
Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsCoefficientMode
CS 101Introduction to Programming66Hybrid
MATH 111Calculus I for Engineers66Hybrid
CSE 123Digital System Design55Hybrid
CHEM 101Chemistry I55Hybrid
ENG 101Academic English55Hybrid
H.ELECTVHumanities Elective33Hybrid
Semester 2
Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsCoefficientMode
CS 122Computer Programming II55Hybird
MATH 112Calculus II for Engineers66Hybird
PHYS 161General Physics I 66Hybird
ECON 101Principles of Economics55Hybird
ENG 121English Composition55Hybird
HIST 196History of Science & Engineering33Hybird
Semester 3
Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsCoefficientMode
MATH 221Linear Algebra55Hybird
PHYS 212General Physics II66Hybird
CS 261Computer Organization & Design55Hybird
CSE 211Electric Circuits55Hybird
MATH 314Differential Equations55Hybird
COM 225Business and Technical Writing44Hybird
Semester 4
Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsCoefficientMode
MATH 201Discrete Mathematics55Hybird
MATH 270Probability & Statistics55Hybird
PHYS 233Wave motion & Quantum Physics66Hybird
CS 341Data Structures and Algorithms 55Hybird
MGMT 101Principles of Management55Hybird
COM 337Speech Communication44Hybird