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Program overview:

Invest in yourself and in your future by enrolling in Summer RISE 2023.

You will enjoy two weeks of a high-quality education and a ton of fun. You will get to meet new friends; participate in a variety of activities and get a taste of a North American Education at MUST University in Lac3, Tunis, Tunisia.

This two-week summer program is designed for high school graduates (Bacheliers) looking to enhance their learning, expand their mind, explore various education systems, or get ready for university abroad or in Tunisia.  Taught in English, students choose how they want to spend their day, combining learning and fun. 

Start the morning with some quite reading time at our sophisticated English books library.  Then choose between three options:  English, Math, or Python Programming, all taught in English.  Enjoy a light lunch as a group, then immerse yourself in the Youth Leadership Program.  This unique program in the region is offered in collaboration with the internationally recognized US-based organization “Toastmasters International”.  This program aims at developing confidence, communication, and leadership skills.  End your day with social time and games at the cafeteria or spend some independent quiet reading time at our library.

Program details:

Session 1: Starts:                 July 17, 2023

Session 2: Starts:           August 1, 2023


499 TND

2 weeks – 6.5 hours per day

Monday – Friday8:00 AM – 2:30 PM

Ages 18 – 20 years old



Program topics:

  1. Python Programming ( Option ):

Python is one of the most popular computer programming languages and is becoming an essential tool to learn for many professions.  This training will cover the basics of the language and gets you creating cool programs in no time.  No experience is necessary.


  1. English ( Option ):

Mastering this language opens tremendous opportunities to learn, grow, connect and thrive.  As with any language, the key is practice, practice, practice.  This training will cover fundamentals and will also focus on practicing though fun and engaging activities, including classroom discussions, giving presentations, playing games, watching, and discussing movies, sharing music and songs, etc.


  1. Math in English ( Option ):

This training will go over math basics covered in the bac year of the Tunisian high school system but in English!  With focus on real life applications of math, this training strengthens your understanding of math concepts and prepares you for university math, all while having fun and mastering English. Gain the math foundations you need to join university with confidence. We cover topics such as Functions, Limits, Derivatives, and other topics which are required by MUST to pass the admission test.

This intensive program is not just about lectures and theory.  It will be taught in English using the Active Learning Method. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the flipped classroom and focus on practical exercises to help you apply what you learn.  You will have access to textbooks, an online platform, and tutoring sessions.


  1. Leadership Training:

Developing a leadership mindset, and ability to communicate and inspire others is an essential skill in any profession.  Our world has become so complex that no project can be done by a single person; teamwork and leadership are the key, with communication being at the center of it.   Participants learn and develop by engaging in well-designed proven activities that build participants from the ground up by receiving constructive feedback and by continuously adapting and refining their skills in a supportive environment.  In this training you will


·      Prepare and deliver a message to inform or persuade a public audience.


·      Speak without preparation (impromptu speaking).


·      Motivate and inspire others.


·      Give (and receive) constructive feedback to (from) others.


·      Plan a meeting and develop a meeting agenda.


·      Conduct a group meeting.


·      Practice assembly deliberation and decision procedures.

·    Develop confidence through self-expression and leadership.


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